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A contract is an agreement, written or oral, between parties, which sets out the obligations of one party, in services rendered or financial aspects given, to another. A contract also, often addresses in what areas each party will not be obligated in finances or services.

A breach of contract therefore, is a failing to perform any part of the contract, written or oral, without a bona fide legal excuse. If you or your company have found yourself interfered with or damaged by a contractual relationship filing suit against the offending party may be the soundest way to repair the hardship perpetrated against you or your company. In which case it is wise to seek a competent and aggressive lawyer to fight for your rights. The Texarkana and New Boston attorneys at Langdon Davis are practiced in the, often complex, area of breach of contract actions. They may be able to assist you in assessing the damages correctly and applying for the proper retribution in your case.

In legal terms there are different classifications of breach of contract. There are what is called “minor”, “material”, “fundamental”, and “anticipatory”. Each has it’s own definition:

  • Minor Breach– means that the breach is exactly that---there are no real consequences to the supposed injured party as a result of the breaking of the contract.
  • Material Breach- is one serious enough to destroy the value of the contract and to give a basis for an action for breach of contract.
  • Fundamental Breach-sometimes known as a “repudiatory breach”, is one that is so basic/fundamental that it puts the alleged injured party in the position to be able to legally terminate the performance of the contract and entitles that party to sue for damages.
  • Anticipatory Breach –when a party reneges on all or part of their obligation under that contract before fully performing those obligations. The result is that the other party, because of those actions or inactions, does not have to perform their side and cannot be held liable for doing so.

Some of the areas where one might be affected in that manner may be contracts that deal with; pre-nuptial contracts, business partner contracts, employment contracts, real estate contracts, and contracts between purchasers and the providers just to name a few.
But no matter what category and no matter in what area of life the contract lies, a serious breach of contract may spell possible financial and personal hardships. The fallout from such breach of contract situations can be quite difficult from which to recover. When a major form of contract is broken, either intentionally or unintentionally, the results may be devastating.

In breach of contract cases the law is very specific. The validity of the claim and the award amount is decided from the actual damages incurred. In other words, what would it take to repair the obligation that was not fulfilled? That is why, in breach of contract cases, it is so important to have an attorney on your side who is skilled in being able to assess the amount of damages properly and present them to the court, in such a way, so that all the damages done will receive proper recompense.

When a contract breach causes considerable interference or damages, filing suit may be the soundest way to repair that hardship that was perpetrated against you or your company. The law offices of Langdon Davis may be able to assist you in obtaining a judgment that can offset the damages done, if you have suffered a breach of contract.

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