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In matters of law, perhaps, it is family law that can be the most emotionally charged. Certainly, this area of “family” is an extremely personal one to all involved. Langdon Davis attorneys are knowledgeable and committed to help you navigate the complexities and life changing issues that are involved in family law, such as; divorce, alimony, custody, adoption, pre-nuptial agreements, elder abuse.

Family Lawyers Who Know Texas And Arkansas Law

With the help of the Texarkana lawyers from Langdon Davis, you can be confidant that you have legal representation that knows the laws of both Texas and Arkansas. You can be sure that you have a skilled and experienced attorney who has dealt with the family court system in your area many times and is known and respected in the Texas and Arkansas legal communities. If yours is an issue of child custody, alimony, or division of property, including real estate, you can be assured that you will be assisted by a lawyer who is not there to escalate conflict, but is there, dedicatedly, to aggressively fight for your rights and strongly represent you before the court.

Choose a Board Certified Family Law Specialist

Attorney Brent Langdon is board certified as a family law specialist by the National Board of Legal Specialty Certification. In order to become board certified, an attorney must stay current on the latest updates to family law and demonstrate their proficiency in this area of law by passing a written examination. Additionally, to achieve board certification an attorney must fulfill certain education requirements, demonstrate extensive experience, and be favorably evaluated by other attorneys and judges that have worked with him or her.

As a board certified family lawyer, Attorney Langdon is able to do the following:

  • Draft nuptial agreements
  • Prepare marital settlement agreements
  • Prepare parenting plans for children
  • Provide excellent representation in court
  • Assist clients seeking protection from domestic violence
  • Handle cases that involve modifications of child custody, child support, and spousal support
  • Mediate or negotiate difficult cases involving divorce, legal separation, dissolution, and arrangements for children
  • Address legal issues that involve property distribution and the payment of child and spousal support
  • Offer clients the opportunity to pursue a collaborative process to resolve disputes without intervention from the court

To learn more about how Attorney Langdon's board certification as a family law specialist can benefit your case, contact our experienced team at Langdon Davis Law Firm.

Do You Need A Knowledgeable Family Law Attorney?

Family law encompasses a wide range of subjects. Pre-nuptial agreements are recommended, nowadays, to avoid as much financial or emotional upset to either party or their children, with the dissolution of marriage. Divorce is acknowledged as a stressful situation, even in the best of circumstances. However, many have found that by having a knowledgeable family law attorney on their team, stress was eased considerably. Spousal and child support are very important issues in the current economic climate, as is alimony. There are also questions of guardianship, adoption and the care and legal rights of the elder members of your family. All of these issues may be made simpler, with a possible greater chance of a more beneficial outcome, in the hands of a skilled Langdon Davis attorney who is familiar with the practice of family law.

An Experienced Family Law Langdon Davis Lawyer May Help

Understanding your rights can be confusing in any family law matter. It would reasonable to suggest, that with a quality and well-practiced family law attorney on your side-who understands your unique situation- one would have a better chance to obtain a more satisfactory outcome. If you have a matter within the scope of family law, don’t delay. An experienced, caring and concerned family practice lawyer from Langdon Davis Law Firm who is dedicated to obtaining the best possible outcome of your case, may be able to help.

Contact a Texarkana family law attorney at Langdon Davis to learn how they may be able to help and protect your rights in any family law matter.

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