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Are you contemplating a divorce in or around Texarkana or New Boston, Texas? Are you concerned about how this will impact your life and the lives of your children? Divorce is one of the most stressful family law issues that an individual can face, affecting personal relationships, finances, assets, and property. If you are facing a divorce in Texarkana or the surrounding areas, it is strongly urged that you contact a Texarkana divorce attorney from Langdon Davis at your earliest opportunity.

With the help of a highly-qualified divorce lawyer who understands all of the legal aspects connected to your divorce and the unique particulars of your situation, you may find the stress of this legal process greatly reduced. The attorneys at Langdon Davis are experienced legal professionals who have dealt with the family court systems in your area and who will work to keep conflict to a minimum while still representing your best interests.

Divorce in Texas and Arkansas

In order to finalize your divorce, you will have to resolve such matters as child custody and visitation, child support, possible spousal support, and the division of marital property and debts. The resolution of these issues will then become part of your settlement agreement.

Texas law provides for both no-fault and fault divorce. Fault-based grounds for divorce include cruelty, adultery, a felony conviction with imprisonment for at least one year, abandonment for at least one year, living apart, or confinement in a mental hospital for at least 3 years. In a no-fault divorce, either you or your spouse may obtain a divorce even if the other party doesn't consent.

In any divorce, it is important that you fully understand your rights and the consequences of your decisions in regards to all of the legal aspects surrounding it. A Texarkana divorce lawyer at the firm can ensure that you make informed decisions about all of the divorce-related issues which you will have to resolve and will work vigorously to help you achieve as smooth a transition as possible.

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