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Elder abuse appears to be a growing problem in our society. It is an issue that, while uncomfortable to address or imagine, is something that we all must be able face and be educated about. In this way we will be able stop it’s spread. No one wants a loved one to fall victim of such intolerable and horrific treatment. Yet it is the elderly, who so often cannot speak for themselves. And that, of course, is one reason these crimes are perpetrated upon them. The perpetrators think that no one will find out, care and do anything about it.

We must safeguard and protect our elderly from harm. If you suspect that you or a family member or friend is the target of such abuse, there are solutions and legal remedies, which may apply. The Texarkana injury lawyers at Langdon Davis are practiced in elder abuse law and are determined and committed to see that it be stopped and the perpetrators punished.

Categories of Elder Abuse

There are a few main categories of elder abuse, which may be of help to you or your loved ones in looking over your particular situation. Unfortunately, each of these categories is more common and serious than most people would think. In looking at this list and descriptions, you should decide if you or your loved are suffering from elder abuse. If you decide there is a valid issue, please do not hesitate to contact the law offices of Langdon Davis as soon as possible:

  • Financial Abuse or Negligence - deals with the actions of theft of money, property, or goods; breach of contracts, embezzlement of funds or misappropriation of funds or possessions, land, goods. Also, financial abuse can be money, property or goods or wills obtained from the elder person through deception or intimidation. Often elder people rely on the help of caretakers or family members to take watch over their resources. Unscrupulous persons may take advantage of this and make attempts to take such items, which have fallen under their care. Elder financial abuse may be carried out by caretakers, scam artists, significant others, or even family members or beloved friends.
  • Emotional Abuse - may be defined as when the elderly person is continually being verbally degraded, insulted, put down, etc. The elder person is made to feel inferior and often made hyper aware of their age or illness.
  • Threat of Punishment - can be said to be when someone threatens or yells or scares the elderly person into compliance.
  • Humiliation - this comes in many variations, both public and private.
  • Deprivation - this aspect can be said to cross over into physical and emotional abuse because it is the withholding of things- medication, food, water, or even attention.
  • Abandonment - Mature adults need interaction and a feeling of fulfillment. Abandonment is a complete lack of concern for the well being of the elderly person other than the most basic, fundamental needs.
  • Physical – Unfortunately the elderly, like children, can suffer being badly treated in a physically. Being elderly they cannot protect themselves. Any treatment that incurs strange marks, bruising, fractures, broken bones or any other unusual physical changes should be suspect. Most caregivers are concerned and loving people but a few are compelled to hurt and maim.

If you or someone you love is the target of elder abuse, contact the Texarkana injury lawyers at Langdon Davis immediately! The Langdon Davis lawyers are in Texas and Arkansas are experienced, dedicated, caring and concerned for elderly persons well -being and safety.

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