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There can be many areas of life where the negligence and negligence claims may be an issue. One thing they have in common however, is that the basis of the claim is the same-the damages incurred (be they physical, monetary or having to do with property) all came about because a person, group or business did not take the reasonable precautions to avoid or prevent such damages. That is what must be proven in a court of law- the direct connection between what was not done that should have been done. Or, what should have been done but was not done – and what are the ill effects because of those specific actions or non-actions.

These connections are sometimes difficult to prove even if they are true…because the other side wants to cloud the issue in their favor and will do all they can to try to convince a judge or jury that there were other reasons for the damages done. That is why, if you think you may have a negligence case of any sort, it is wise to seek an experienced attorney who knows negligence law. The Texarkana injury attorneys at Langdon Davis have represented many Texarkana residents in their negligence cases, with outstanding results.

Examples of Negligence Claims in Texarkana

Negligence can take place in a variety of places and ways. An example of negligence might be when a person slips and falls in an aisle of a grocery store where a bottle of cooking oil may have spilled earlier and it was not properly cleaned up and there were no signs regarding caution, nor was the area blocked off. Another area of negligence often seen is in the area of hospitals, medical staff procedures and prescriptions. For instance, if a patient is prescribed a medication to which they are allergic and that patient had properly informed the prescribing physician of that fact, prior, that also may be considered negligence.

If a manufacturer delivers a product that is known to cause damage or injury or a distributor delivers a product known by them to have a defect, which could cause harm, even if operated properly it can be considered negligence. When an employer jeopardizes the safety of their workers by having then unknowingly work with hazardous materials or using unsafe equipment, or not training their employees properly for the job, all of these scenarios may be the basis of a legal negligence claim. If a motorist becomes disoriented and starts to drive the wrong way on the highway and causes personal injury to another, that can be considered negligence as well.

If you or someone you know has received damages and losses against their person, property or finances due to negligence, it is important that you contact a Texarkana personal injury lawyer versed in negligence law. The legal team of Langdon Davis takes a vigilant, aggressive approach to negligence claim cases.

If you have a question as to the validity of your possible negligence case or are looking for an aggressive law firm to fight for your rights in New Boston, Twin Cities, Bowie or Texarkana counties the law offices of Langdon Davis may be able help. Call a Texarkana negligence claim attorney at our firm for a case review today!

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