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What is Probate and Why Do I Need an Attorney?

In creating a will, a person expresses in writing what they want done with their money, possessions, real estate, and pets, and who shall become the caretaker of their children -after their death. Probate is a court process, in which the will is deemed legal, final debts are settled and title to property is formally passed from the deceased person to those who have been designated as the inheritors. Probate proceedings take place in the Probate Court or Surrogate Court in the county of the deceased legal residence at the time of his or her death. If a person dies without a will, state law determines how to distribute that person’s property.

With every will there is an executor.  This is often a friend or a member of the family. In a large estate, however, the executor can be someone else, including an attorney who has been designated by the deceased in the will.  If there is no will, the Court will ask for someone to step forward as an “administrator”.

The challenge of handling the details and red tape of a probate or trust –even with a will-can easily become overwhelming to someone who is not versed in such procedures. That is why it is highly recommended that one hire an experienced probate attorney from Langdon Davis. They can be there, to assist you in maneuvering through court system and dealing with the many issues that need to be addressed and completed in probate.  Sometimes an attorney need not even appear in court for you –but can just advise ---or in more complicated matters, if one wishes, the attorney may actually appear in Court on you behalf.  The degree to which an attorney might participate may vary, and may be agreed upon in the beginning as to how much you would like the your attorney to be involved. But, it has been seen, that to have trained legal counsel to advise you along the way is usually invaluable, often saving one time and money. It is also a great precautionary move, because unforeseeable events can easily arise in probate. For instance, a contesting of the will or demand for certain properties or prior unknown assets may surface.  With a Texarkana probate lawyer from Langdon Davis, one may feel more confident that the probate will proceed as smoothly and as quickly as possible.

A Probate Lawyer May Help Speed the Probate Process

Probate can sometimes takes weeks or sometimes months to move through the various steps.  If you have a skillful attorney from Langdon Davis to help guide you through these steps-steps which they have taken with former clients -you can imagine how this laborious process may be made easier for you and your family. By doing this you may be potentially eliminating the stress in such a process.  However, by obtaining the aid of an attorney from Langdon Davis, that process of probate may be made smoother.

If you are interested in learning more about probate and how it applies to you or someone you love, please take a moment to contact a probate attorney at our firm. Over the years our attorneys have assisted countless clients move through the probate process.  They have experience in helping defend claims from others or aggressively obtaining valid claims when they have been wrongfully denied.  It is also their commitment to be able to help any family go through the probate process in a manner that will be less stressful. 

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