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Real estate is a particularly complex branch of the law. Because the transactions are so large and ownership and maintenance is so regulated, it is easy to suddenly be overwhelmed when trying to plan for your real estate goals. The knowledgeable and insightful legal team at Langdon Davis Law Firm has been helping clients with their real estate needs for years. In both the residential and commercial arena, their Texarkana real estate lawyers have the experience and resources to thoroughly navigate your property issue and arrive at the swiftest and most effective solution.

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Whether you are purchasing, selling, or managing real estate, you may find yourself in need of legal guidance. Not only is it advisable to have a lawyer present during a real estate transaction to ensure your interests are protected, but there are countless issues property owners can run into that are better parsed with proven legal representation by their side. The Texarkana attorneys at Langdon Davis Law Firm is proud to offer reliable and assured counsel to assist clients with a wide-range of real estate needs.

Just a few of the firm's real estate services include:

  • Property partition: Partitions can be necessary for joint owners of a single property. Disputes happen, but can be judicially resolved by either the order of a partition in kind or the sale of property (when physical boundaries cannot be established). In either case, it crucial that you have vigilant counsel on your side to protect your rights as a joint owner of the property.
  • Boundary line disputes: Neighboring property owners that share a boarder can find easily find themselves in contention with one another. These disputes usually occur when one owner has plans to further develop or build upon their property—even fence installations can cause a conflict. In some cases, amicable boundary agreements can be established, but other times, lawsuits are necessary. Both legal actions require careful navigation by a real estate attorney.
  • Trespass to try title lawsuits: These lawsuits can be necessary when two different individuals claim sole ownership of a property. Whether you are trying to remove a party from a property you can prove that you own, or are being filed against and are seeking relief, the team at Langdon Davis Law Firm can ensure the facts are clarified for the court and that your interests are looked after.

These are just a few of the many real estate matters Langdon Davis Law Firm is prepared to handle. Others include foreclosure, purchasing your first home, investment real estate, eminent domain, commercial development or inherited properties. No matter what your real estate issue might entail, the firm is ready to hear from you. Their team consists of not only award-winning, sought-after legal representatives, but native Texans who care about the Texarkana community and make serving local families and businesses an absolute priority.

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