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Comprehensive estate planning begins with a viable, clear and law bound will. Langdon Davis can work efficiently and effectively to give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your affairs are in order and your wishes will be carried out into the future. In a will, created with the help of a competent attorney, you can feel confident that your wishes will be put into legal language. You can have confidence in knowing, that with such important issues as; transfer of property and real estate, inheritance items or money or under whose care you wish your children to be raised-child custody, your wishes will be understood and carried out.

In this day and age, most everyone needs a will. It is not just an issue for the super rich. Without a will, there may be only a legacy of confusion and chaos for your heirs, relatives and friends. Also, a will is very important for you, as it pertains to your medical wishes, in times of emergency. What would you wish to have done or not done, medically, in the case of your being physically or mentally incapacitated? Without your instructions, your loved ones may not know what actions to take and it can be a grueling and heart rendering situation as they struggle with such decisions. None of these issues are ones that are faced easily – for any of us. Yet, with a knowledgeable and caring will attorney, such as those at Langdon Davis, the outcome can be one that brings you and your family peace of mind.

Without A Will -The Courts Decide

Without a will, these decisions will be in the hands of the courts. First and foremost, your own medical care may be determined by the state if you do not have a legal document of instruction. There may be other complications regarding your assets - all sorts of taxes and penalties can be incurred if your will is not set up properly. A person’s estate can be “eaten up” by such proceedings. Attorneys Brent Langdon and Kyle Davis and their team, may be able to simplify the process of providing for your future and the future of your loved ones. Knowing that your estate is in order can give one a tremendous sense of peace and freedom. That is our commitment to you at Langdon Davis.

As a Client, the Attorneys Can Answer Your Questions about Your Will

Should the lawyers at Langdon Davis be able to take on your case, they will be happy to discuss with you your options in this area. Their commitment is for you to have a full understanding of your choices, so that you can make the best possible decisions for yourself and your family’s future. They are knowledgeable about drafting wills and creating trusts, as well as complex asset protection and estate planning strategies. They may help in the matter of Will contests as well as petitioning the court when the Will should be questioned. They are experienced in estate planning and are dedicated to answer your questions to help you understand the benefits or non-benefits of various legal options. For instance, the attorneys at Langdon Davis may present to you the difference of a living will compared to a trust compared to a “standard” will - and what each choice would mean in your particular situation. They are helpful and considerate – respectful of the fact that each client’s needs and wishes are different. They are committed to making sure, legally, that you and your loved ones will be protected.

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